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About me

My name is Rod Taylor, an affiliate marketing expat living in Panama

Eight years ago, I was working in my home office in Vancouver, and I thought to myself, I could do my work from anywhere in the world. All I needed was a computer, and an internet connection.  That started my journey as an expat.

I had been working online since 1999, building websites, selling things online, doing SEO work, and had created a full-time living online.  Now, since I have moved to Panama, I have focused on affiliate marketing.  Why affiliate marketing?  That's simple, there are no customers, no employees and no fulfillment.  You truthfully are your own boss.

Since I have been an expat, I am always asked bu others what I do for a living, as expats are always talking about, make money living abroad, how to earn money while living overseas or how to earn money while traveling.  Affiliate marketing can do just that for you.

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