Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a decision that must not be taken lightly. For some, it is the best decision they’ve ever made in their entire life. What they only feel sorry about is that they didn’t move sooner. While some simply can’t adjust to the new life they have in their new country.

I will also address the subject of how to make money living abroad.  When you move to another country, you may not have enough saved up to sustain you for the rest of your life, so you need to learn how to create an income overseas that can sustain your new expat life.

Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages for moving abroad. You will uncover the numerous rewards that you will definitely enjoy…and also the drawbacks as well.


Living Costs

Among the main reasons why a lot of people are considering to relocate abroad is simply because they could live well for cheaper costs of living compared to back home. Many nations within Central America can make you live well for about $1,500 monthly. In Asia, it could be much less. You will be amazed how cost-effective Europe could be, even in countries like France.

Prices for rental, property taxes, medical care, utility bills, food, and others could be a small part of what you are paying now. Your retirement savings or pension could go a lot further. You will be enjoying living in your dream spots, near to pristine shorelines, in well-preserved colonial communities, or at a hillside with landscapes of green forests and farmland.

Good Quality and Inexpensive Medical Care

Considering the commotion involving health care and insurance protection in the U.S., relocating abroad could be a good option for U.S. citizens. In several countries, expats who end up as official citizens gain access to a government-run healthcare program, which offers incredibly affordable yet high quality healthcare services.

You can also find private centers and hospitals featuring all of the most modern procedures and treatment methods at almost half of the price in the U.S. Affordable private insurance solutions are available too. Having a recurring medical problem isn’t really a barrier to retiring overseas.

Excellent Weather

For many years, people coming from the northern countries of Canada, United States and Europe would retire to locations such as Arizona and Florida in order to get away from dreary winter season. With no trouble of traveling and affordable costs, why don’t you go farther south?

In the tropics, you will enjoy the warm weather all year long. For a few people, the coasts are extremely humid and hot, however you’ll discover places such as Panama Highlands, Medellin, Colombia and Costa Rica’s Central Valley having spring-like seasons throughout the year.

Exciting Activities

Perhaps you haven’t travel that much when you were working in the past because of obligations or financial situation which stops you from traveling. However, once you are living abroad you’re experiencing an adventure of a lifetime. Once you have figured out how to earn a living online while travelling, you may never go back to your home country. You’re discovering brand new spots, encountering new cultures and different languages, interacting with folks from all parts of society, and much more. No matter whether you’re hiking in a tropical jungle around Panama, walking the frenetic streets of Hanoi, or savoring an espresso within an Italian piazza – it’s a fun filled experience to all.


Culture Shock

You were living your entire life in a single culture, it could be a little bit of an adjustment whenever you move overseas. Most of the people all over the world are friendly and welcoming, as well as very helpful to newcomers.

However there are differences in the environment that you need to adapt. For instance, Latin American cities and towns are busy and noisy. Woofing dogs, deafening parties, vehicles – they are all part of the experience. Concepts about private space are extremely different in other countries too. Not to mention, the food items and goods you see in shops, along with local cuisine, can be quite different.

Also you will discover bureaucracies difficult to process in case you are acquiring a driver’s license or opening up an account in the bank, with apparently arcane requirements.

The majority of expats have already adapt to this new lifestyle. This noisy neighborhood festival.- why don’t you join the fun?

Lack of Sustainable Income

I have met too many expats that thought they could live on just their savings or pensions, but really are not living very well.  You want to be able to do some travel, ear at nice restaurants, spend some time at a resort, not just sit around in your expat little house.  Learning how to create an expat income, becomes essential to a happy expat life.

 Language Concern

Except if you’re visiting an English-speaking nation, such as Belize, you’ll need to know a some of the language of the country you are moving to..

In numerous nations, local people can converse some English. In much more tourist-friendly places, and expat communities, you could survive without knowing the local language. However, to get a richer and more satisfying experience, it’s a good idea that you attempt to know the local language.

Leaving Your Friends and Family

You increase your social network over a very long time of using. Being an expat, you’ll develop close connections with new people you meet up with, with other expats as well as residents. However you need to get away from your friends and family.

Thankfully, with affordable flights to numerous locations worldwide, it becomes possible for you to fly back home for special events or vacation holidays. You can even use technology such as Skype and FaceTime to do video calls at no cost to your kids or grandchildren. Furthermore, having global mobile phone plans and services such as MagicJack, it’s easy to keep in touch.


Becoming an expat and living in the place of your dreams is an excellent experience.  Knowing how to sustain that lifestyle, with the knowledge of earning money while living overseas, will make your journey as an expat all that much a better experience.


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