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How to earn more money while living or travelling abroad.

Or maybe you are considering the life of an expat?

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    Many expats have moved overseas and have the need to earn extra money.
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    Maybe you have dreamed of a life in a tropical paradise when you can work from a beach.
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    What if the country you are living in, does not allow you a work permit, how do you make extra money so you can continue living there?

Hi, I'm Rod. I am a Canadian, living my dream life in a little tropical mountain town in Panama.

How would you like to Create a Life, that you do not need a vacation from?

Becoming an expat, is very trending nowadays.  Many have made the move, and many more dream of a life overseas.  What is stopping you?  An expat is simply, you are residing in a foreign country, but you still have your birth county's passport. Well, what stops most, is simple . . . money!

You are not alone in your expat search, there are over 50.5 million expats living through out the world. Some of the most popular expat countries are Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Thailand. 

Some expats, that have already made the move, are struggling also, to earn a little extra money. 

What makes someone to want to be an expat?  That answer will be different for almost every expat you talk to. You will hear:

  1. Cost of living in their home country
  2. Dislike of government in their country
  3. Looking for that perfect retirement place
  4. Change of scenery 

What Stops Them: they may currently have a traditional job, and it is difficult to get a work visa in most countries, so they just don't see a way they could earn money living overseas.

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes in!

Some people may ask what is affiliate marketing?  Well the simplest example I can give is Uber.  How many of you reading this have used Uber?  At the end of your ride, or right in the app, you are always ask to share your experience with your friends.   You can earn "Free Rides" for doing this.

By sharing Uber with your friends, or on social media, Uber will pay you with free rides if your friend joins Uber. That is the simple description of affiliate marketing.

Another example is Hotel Booking sites, like Booking.comHotels.comor Expedia.

The same concept applies, you can get a discount or a coupon code for your next booking simply by inviting you friends ans family members to book hotels thru your unique link on their websites.

This link is called your "affiliate Link" or "referrer link"

Simply put, you can earn money with your computer, sharing other companies services,  The list is endless, companies like Uber, Amazon, Clickbank, Tiger Direct, Bed Bath & Beyond, and 1000's of others, earning you from 6% to 75% of the sale.

The greatest thing about affiliate marketing, is that as long as you have a computer, and a internet connection, you can run your business from anywhere in the world. And remember, no customers, no employees and no logistics.  The perfect business to run from your expat destination.

Am I going to show you how to make money quick? Like $100,000 a month in 2 months!
>>>HELL  NO!<<<

All those get rich schemes online are FAKE!  There is no get rich scheme online,

and if you are looking for one, you are at the wrong place!  

But what I can show you, as I have done it myself, is how to build an affiliate marketing business that could potentially earn you $1000 - $5000 a monthly passive income, within the next year!

So, are you an Expat looking to make more income, or are you a wanna be Expat, looking for opportunities to make money overseas

So we saw in the real life examples above, what affiliate marketing is all about, But, don't worry, I am not going to be asking you to invite you family and friends to take Uber rids and book hotels, just so you can earn a passive income.  Those were just real world examples of how affiliate marketing can work.

This is what you are going to learn: - how to register a domain name, build a web site, create content for that website, add affiliate links to the web site, and get traffic to your site, thus visitors clicking on your links, buying products you recommend, and you earn money.  Sounds simple, right?

Affiliate Marketing is Not Difficult

I will teach you how to to the below, over and over again, with multiple web sites, and you will start earning affiliate income to support your expat lifestyle.  You say: "Me, build a website?"  Yes, with our system, you can have a fully functional website in under 5 minutes, and I will show you how!

Build a Web Site

Add Content

Get Traffic

What You Will Learn

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    Find a niche you like, and build your first web site. 
    A niche is a subset of a category.  Example, a category is women's clothing, a niche is pashmina scarf.  We will teach you how to identify profitable and trending niches, so you pick the right one to make the most money with your affiliate marketing business
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    Create captivating content for your web site
    Content is the most importing thing for your web site. Search engines index all the content on the internet, and provide the most relevant search results.  By learning how to create excellent content, your content will rank in the organic search results. 
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    Most important: Getting traffic to your web site, and visitors clicking on your affiliate link.  Hence, you make money.
    We will teach you how to rank in the organic search results, that will get you clicks on your affiliate links, and get visitors to buy the products you recommend.

So lets get more in to Affiliate Marketing and how it can help in your Epat Life.

Have you asked yourself one of these questions before?

Can I Earn Money Online While Living Overseas?
How to Earn Money While Traveling?
How to Make Money Living Abroad?
How Can Expats Make Money Online?
Make Money Overseas Online?
Work Overseas Opportunities?

If you have, you need to read on . . .

You can fully fund you life overseas without a traditional J.O.B


This program WILL teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

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    Transform you Ideas into Profits: You can start a business from over 1 million niches, in something that you like and gets you excited
  • 2
    Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Web Sites: No design skills needed.  Building a web site is simple with Wealthy Affiliate
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    Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic: If just the first few lessons in WA, you will learn traffic techniques that will bring an abundance of customers to your web site

What People Are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate

“A 21-Year-Old 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Earner”

"My name is Jerry. I come from Taichung, Taiwan. I'm a 21-year-old high school graduate/College Dropout and I'm currently living in Singapore.
Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I've accomplished my 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Milestone and well on my way to Financial Freedom!"


“The Educated Affiliate"

"I was retired from the movie business but just came out as a result of an amazing opportunity at Tesla.
Not only is the help that you receive in this community amazing but the way in which you get it could not be easier. Looking forward to meeting you all one day."


“One of the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate"

"There is often a concern when someone new to the online world enters a niche, either one they know something about, or something they are interested in learning. The typical question goes something like this: "Can I actually become an authority in my niche? "
Let Wealthy Affiliate show you how"


Affiliate Marketing for Expats

Time to take action now, and start your expat life that you will not need a vacation from! Click the button below to Join Wealthy Affiliate now, for free, no credit card needed

Rod taylor

About ​Me

​I am a Canadian Expat, living in the mountains of Panama.

I have made a full time living online for over 15 years. and I can show you how I do it. I look forward to meeting other expats, or people looking to live the life of an expat.  Earning money as an expat, is simple, and attainable for anyone.  Join me on this ride!

Let's Address Your Last-Minute Objections

  1. What Does it Cost?  There are two levels to join in Wealthy Affiliate.  A basic member can join for free, no credit card needed.  They can build 2 websites, and get all the Basic Training.  A Premium Member, cost $49.95 ($18 your first month if you upgrade from free in the first week)  You get to host of to 25 web sites on your own domains, and access to all the training, including Affiliate Boot Camp.
  2. Are there any Up Sells, I Hate Up Sells?  There are absolutely no up sells.  At Wealth Affiliate you will not see multi thousand dollar up sells during the sign up, you will only be encouraged to upgrade to premium. Also, don't worry, there is no secret MLM company or anything else involved.  Wealthy Affiliate is just hosting, affiliate marketing training, no hidden agendas.
  3. Are Their Any Hidden Fees?  None what so ever, the only other thing you may decide to purchase in Wealthy Affiliate is a Domain Name.
  4. What is Inside Wealthy Affiliate? Things that Wealthy Affiliate Includes are: 
    1. Over 50 lessons with step by step training, with video and text
    2. Web Hosting, with 2 webs sites for free members, and hosting up to 25 domains for Premium Members
    3. A Keyword research tool (a paid platform) included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership
    4. 24 x 7 very responsive tech support
    5. You will be connecting with 10's of thousands of affiliate marketers to discuss and ask questions.
    6. Training, training and more training, including live weekly training, and archives of 100's of training lessons.
  5. How Much Money Can I Make? Now that is a tough question, it totally depends on what you are willing to put into it.  You can try before you buy anything, as it is free to join.  All I know is that I earn a nice 4-figure income online, that allows me to enjoy the expat life that I do, and I am willing to teach others how to do that.

The Time to Act is Now!  What do You Have to Loose?

Remember, this is "What You Get" 

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    More than 100 video lessons
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    Help from professional affiliate marketeers
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    Free Key Word Research Tool
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    ​24/7 Technical Support
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    ​Professional Hosting for all your sites
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    ​Affiliate Marketing Community Forum

P.S.: What are you waiting for?  No Credit Card Needed for you to check this out, and see how an expat can earn money overseas.

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